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Astralvision AVSU Series

AstralVision AVSU series feature 4K Ultra High-Definition resolution and include an upgraded Android Operating System. These backlit LED displays provide the sharpest and clearest image, ideal for the applications where the finer details matter. Available in 65″, 75″ & 86″ sizes.

A built in Wi-Fi enabled Android Operating System provides a simple, user friendly interface and immediate access to the built in tools and applications. The operating system offers a whiteboard function with a selection of pen colours, styles and background settings.

Using the built in annotation software, you can make notes over any file or page and capture the image, saving it onto the on-board memory.
Features & Specifications

  • Features
  • Windows, Mac, Linux Compatible
  • Windows Plug’n’Play
  • 10 Points of Touch
  • Auto-Calibration
  • Front Facing 15W Speakers
  • Carry Handles
  • Built in Operating System
  • Wi-Fi enabled / Wired LAN
  • Whiteboard Mode
  • On-Screen Annotation & Screen Capture
  • Supports Screen Mirror
  • USB File Reader
  • Web Browser
  • External Input Preview
  • Scheduled Power On / Power Off
  • Screen Freeze & Audio Only
  • Available in 65″, 75″ & 86″ Sizes
  • 5  Year Swapout Warranty

Whiteboard Mode & Annotation Software

When using whiteboard mode users have a selection of pen colour, style, and line width as well as the ability to change the colour of the background, add gridlines or straight lines. The annotation software can be used to make notes over any file, image or web page in both Android and PC modes.


MirrorOp receiver software is built into the Android Operating System allowing screen mirroring from your WiFi enabled device to the display. Teachers can take photos of students work and instantly send them wirelessly to the display. Compatible with Mac, Windows, Android & iOS.


All Astralvision AVSC models purchased by the Education sector include FREE Snowflake Multiteach and Easiteach Software that both include a 5 Activation, Lifetime Updates licence.

For more information, or to request a demonstration, please email us at info@audiovisualengineering.com.au

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