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OPS Slot PC’s

The OPS is a modular PC standard developed by Intel, using a common connector that supplies all power and connectivity to the module from the touchscreen. The module can be easily installed into the rear of the touchscreen.

There are currently 2 models available in a both standard hard disk drive (S024HHD) and solid state drive (S024SSD). Both models are supplied with Windows 10 Operating System (unless otherwise specified).

The OPS modules are ideally suited to mobile displays for a complete, all in one solution.


  • i5 core processor
  • 6 x USB (2*USB3.0/4*USB2.0)
  • VGA & HDMI external output
  • 500 GB HDD (S024HDD)
  • 160 GB SSD (S024SSD)
  • Aluminium housing for heat control
  • Wi-Fi enabled